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Stored Honey


Come along and explore the arts scene of the North West in my newsletter.

Discover agenda-setting new theatre, thought-provoking art exhibitions, boundary-pushing festivals and much more as we celebrate England's most culturally vibrant region.

Stored Honey publishes free weekly newsletters with additional content for paid subscribers, including a monthly what's on guide and podcast.

Latest issues

Grassroots artists putting Bolton's culture front and centre

Bolton Lead arts.jpg

Local arts organisations are pushing for culture to be the catalyst for the town’s rebirth.

The Lead, March 7, 2024

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The Turner Prize is just the start of Blackpool's cultural ambitions, The Lead

Blackpool The Lead.png

Arts leaders in Blackpool are working with the local authority to draw up a five-year Cultural Plan - so now is the right time to set out big aspirations.

The Lead, January 30, 2024

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Land of the Giants

When French street theatre company Royale de Luxe brought their family of giants to Liverpool for the final time, I worked with a designer to create this special report on their three visits to Liverpool. Created using Shorthand.

Liverpool Echo

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Special report on The Giants' three visits to Liverpool, created as a Shorthand.

No one knew what eccentric relative had done to his home until after he died

Outsider artist Ron Gittins' imaginative creations transformed his otherwise normal looking house.

Liverpool Echo

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Cameron Mackintosh: I'm not interested in shows about the privileged

Cameron Mackintosh.png

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Jonathan Pryce: The Everyman made me fearless

Jonathan Pryce.png

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Fiona Banner: How words can be a thousand pictures

Fiona Banner.png

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Marianne Faithfull: These are the pictures that are part of me

Marianne Faithfull.png

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Boy George: Music, clubbing and dressing up were my escape from suburbia

Boy George.png

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Feature writing

The bright side of life - The Simple Things magazine, April 2024


Why limit things to black or white or grey? These women live their lives in full colour - and believe that there's joy to be found in even the tinest dab of colour


The Merseyside coastline is one of the most interesting and diverse in the country, with a history that is known all around the world. This is a celebration of what makes it special today. The stories of the people who live and work on the banks of the River Mersey and the beaches of the Irish Sea. Their passions, experiences and love for this beautiful stretch of windswept land.

I worked with a designer to create this microsite with an interactive map to accompany my podcast Liminal.

See it here

Listen Up podcast column

Weekly podcast review column which ran in up to 12 Reach Plc regional print titles, including the Manchester evening News, Birmingham Mail, Newcastle Chronicle and Liverpool Echo,  for more than two years.

24 hours of food in Liverpool

Longform article exploring Liverpool’s relationship with food and drink by capturing an entire night and day in real time.

As well as going out myself, I managed a team of writers who covered the city over 24 hours - from a breastfeeding group to a Chinese restaurant in the early hours of the morning,

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50 things that happened in Merseyside on VE Day 1945

A snapshot of life in Liverpool and its surrounding towns on that historic day - taken from newspaper archives.


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Liverpool Central Library

The history of the library in William Brown Street, Liverpool, from its inception in 1850 to its redevelopment and reopening in 2013.

Liverpool Central Library on Amazon

Layers of Liverpool

The Liverpool Map, by Inge Panneels and Jeffrey Sarmiento, is a unique artwork, fusing 16 layers of coloured glass to create a map of Liverpool that is historic, social, geographical, cultural and emotional. This book breaks down those layers, detailing the people and places inspiration and events that have contributed to making Liverpool the place it is today.

Layers of Liverpool on Amazon

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